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This page is dedicated to the Canberra bushfire photos gathered from people and websites all over the world.
Please visit the acknowledgments page, let me know if you have photos on this site and haven't been acknowledged for them. If you have more photos, movies, or stories to add to the albums, please use the Contact page to let me know.

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Many thanks to the Marshall family in Duffy for alerting me to the fact that the bushfire galleries were non-operational. It is after all, mere days from the 10th anniversary of the bushfires that impacted Canberra so greatly.
The galleries have been restored from backups, and do feel free to let me know if you have anything further that you believe should be added to the site.

For those of you interested, after more than 7 years the court hearings for the victims of the Canberra Bushfires have finally commenced. For more information, see this ABC News report, and this other ABC News report.

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