Canberra's bushfire photos


This Section has been reserved for the reports and stories that people have written regarding the Canberra Bushfires.
If you have a story about the fire, or have written a report and would like it published on the canberrafires website, please use the Story Submission form, so that I can respond with an address that you can send your story in an email or an attachment of your Story/Report in Word, Wordpad, or Plain Text Document format.

Alternatively, if you have your own website with a story on it (that is not already listed in the external galleries) you can send me the link through the Contact page.

John Smarsz has written an Extensive report on his perspective of the bushfires (Added 2nd-Feb-2003)
Alice Green has submitted her story about what happened that day (Added 25th-Feb-2003)
William McDonald submitted a story of what he experienced (Added 25th-Feb-2003)

Shelton Newman from ACTION Buses has written an excellent article about the events over the weekend of the 17th-19th Jan 2003 (Added 14th-Jan-2011)