Canberra's bushfire photos


Many people have contributed to the data on these pages and I would like to thank them all, my apologies if you provided images and your name isn't on this list.

30 Second Auto-biography

My name is Daryl, and I am an ICT Systems Engineer specialising in enterprise server environments, although I have experience with SOHO environments, internet servers and services, and everything in between. Two days after the Canberra fires I was looking through some images a friend had sent to me, and figured others may wish to see these images, so at the time I wrote some very basic HTML pages to create this website and allow others to experience these images. Little did I know that the website was going to be so popular, clocking up over 100,000 visitors in less than a week! I could go on, but I don't want to bore you all. If anyone wants to know more, just send me some Feedback.

Many Thanks go to:

Thanks to Steve Coad for his great contribution!
Thanks also to Tegan Perry for reminding him
Martin Ollman provided the awesome header image for this site, Thanks Martin!
Thanks to Insomniac (Marty)
Renee Nowytarger
John Feder
Brian Evans
Brett Clark
Alex Berry
Martin Dibb
Allan Sieper
Andrew Warden
Emanuele D'Elia and Richard Haureliuk
Simon Janssens
Darren Weinert
John McGrath
Pete West
Gary Skewes
Andrew Spurrier
Tiffany, Jim and Jeanette Harper
Adam Pyne
Paul Nemes
Mark Albiez
Roger Royal
Alan Shore
Marcel van den Bos
Yvonne Skazis
Michael Vandermark
Robbie and Jenny
Kim Bryant
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Chris Hore
Brian Gunning
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Glen Novello
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John Dow
Heath Walker
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Andrew Hurle
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Kathy Davis

And last but not least, a big thankyou to Deb my love, my wife, mother of my children, for putting up with my endless hours in front of the computer, the late nights, and the lack of willingness to leave the keyboard.